Hi Readers

I know… its been a couple of weeks and I should have been blogging about my gratitude challenge.  I am a little behind but I will catch up – promise.

The exciting news is that my book Sensing the City, has finally been finished and is now with the publishers.  As soon as the cover has been finalised and approved, I will reveal it plus a synopsis of the book content.  Just be patient… its due out on 21 August and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

For now, I shall concentrate today’s blog on nature.  I have been inspired today by weeding!

After a lovely yoga class this morning, where concentration was the theme, we practiced balances including tree posture and its various forms.  I then went into my office for a few hours where I became quite stressed and in need of more relaxation.  I decided, for the first time this spring, to do a little work in our large garden.  My plan was to do no more than half an hour, just some tidying and sweeping.  I have just come in from the garden (it was about to get dark) having spent just shy of an hour – I cleared weeds in one large area, collected dog poop (yep, reality kicked in), and walked around the whole garden assessing what was next to be done.

Rather than being tired and fed up as I often am when I leave all the gardening to the weekends, I felt invigorated; grateful for the opportunity to get my hands (well gloves anyway) dirty, to smell the earth and the weeds, to chat to the cockerel as I weeded alongside the chickens, to see the sun in the sky as I grovelled on my hands and knees, pulling grass and dead stuff; clearing space to add beautiful plants and flowers.  All around me were daffodils and hyacinths rising to attention, and snowdrops just beginning to flower.

Often when I finish my normal work day, I will sit in the front of some nameless show on television for a while to ‘relax’.  I am not sure that it really relaxes me; I just feel as though I have wasted an hour of my time.  Today I felt productive, excited that I had started to make the garden look better, and grateful for the opportunity to really feel part of nature.

I go into the evening with renewed vigour, keen to continue to be productive but in a relaxing kind of way.  I am sure I shall sleep better, I will have achieved something useful, and I will have more time at the weekend after teaching, to do something more exciting.  For this Sunday, I have planned an audition to take on a small part at my local theatre; it is years since I was on the stage so I am looking forward to this, albeit nervously.

I may end up working behind the scenes this time if the parts involve too much line learning; but the possibility is exciting regardless.  There is a need for a production assistant as well; perhaps I should take this on; I can be very loud when I need to be; bossy, me… surely not?!!

Wish me luck for Sunday.  For now I am off to feed my fur babies for which I am so grateful.  I need a good long sniff of both of them, and then I shall be very happy for the evening.  I also have a lovely camembert in the fridge ready for baking… a certain LB influenced this one.

Until my next blurb…