IMG_0079As an autistic individual, I can honestly say that my two little dogs are what get me through the day sometimes.  Whether it is for a quick cuddle, or a sniff to heighten my senses, or even a long hug for my benefit probably more than theirs, they are always there for me when I need them.  In return they are spoilt rotten and know exactly how to get around us.

Of course sometimes they are the cause of the stress; an unwanted wee, snatching any tissues whenever they can, pinching the last bite of a sandwich from my plate when I get up to answer the doorbell (Rosie!).

I have been unwell for nearly three weeks, following a several week period of overload.  Today I became really stressed after work and just needed to hold them.  They let me, even when I had a shouty fit at one point (this does not happen often for me but today I just let go).  I sometimes feel bad that they have to listen to these meltdown episodes but I suppose they are used to them and just seem to know instinctively that we need a cuddle or a kiss.

They are always here if I am unwell, having a fit of tears, or just want to talk to them.  I know it sounds bizarre to the non-dog owners among you, but I swear they understand and know exactly what I need.  It’s more than I can say for many human beings.

So thank you with all my heart to my babies, Holly and Rosie, for being there for me and for my husband Joe who also needs them.  Happy birthday for Friday Holly; 10 years old!

Until next time…